Just joined and I'm not sure what to do or who to follow. I don't know anyone who uses mastodon, but ig if anyone wants to get to know more people on here, give me a follow and I can follow back


Hey, you may create a post with telling something about your interests. You can search for the hasthag to get some inspiration
Also: I can recommend gup.pe/ this kind of a group thing on mostodon. there are not many groups yet. but maybe it is a starting point for you. on the website there are details how it works.

Since you are on a small Mastodon instance, you will see more people the more connected you (or your instance) are.

But you can also view hashtags on other bigger instances and then you can connect. For example the hashtag #introduction on mastodon.social:

Or any other hashtag:
mastodon.social/tags/J%C3%A4mt (ok, the #Jämtland was only used once :-)

You can paste virtually everything in your profile's search field and interact, e.g. mastodon.sdf.org/@bkhl/1030341


@tommy @Neanzo

Nice tip!
If anyone wants to know about our events:

ActivityPub is not only the protocol for mastodon, there is so many more software to discover :)


@sl007 @followme @tommy @Neanzo Yes, not everyone in the Fediverse lives on Mastodon 😀
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