Apparently, the reason the NHS contact tracing app fell over on my fairphone was because some e users got very concerned about their ~privacy~ so the solution that e came up with was to silently kill the app I was relying on.

My best friend has cancer and I thought I would get exposure notifications which is slightly more life and death than privacy fantasies of fossbros.

They ~silently~ disabled the entire covid thing. I am so livid. This was supposed to be better than google, but in this case they've showed way less sense and responsibility

(I'm going to at the companies involved rather than subtoot them:
@Fairphone @FairphoneCommunity @efoundation )

@Fairphone @FairphoneCommunity @efoundation

I would like to encourage #fairphone to reconsider their partnership with /e/ given this reckless and irresponsible action that literally puts the families and friends of /e/ users at physical risk.

covid, /e/ 

@Fairphone @FairphoneCommunity
The contact I found was product support

This is the letter I wrote:

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to ask you to reconsider using /e/ for the FOSS version of the #fairphone. As you may know, /e/ decided to silently break support for covid contact tracing apps. They removed the part of the microG kernel that allowed these apps to work and made it an optional extra download. Creating extra steps for covid tracking is already a decision that endangers public health. However, they also did this without even mentioning it in the release notes or generating any kind of error warning. Instead, the track and trace apps just stopped working.

I tried deleting the app and reinstalling it and their app store did not direct me to the needed component. It just failed to work. The way they implemented this change was so astonishingly bad, that it seems more likely motivated by covid denialism than any privacy concerns.

/e/'s choices here are reckless, dangerous and endanger the lives of the friends and family of your customers. I no longer believe /e/ to be an ethical operating system. I feel they are acting counter to your mission.

I strongly urge you to find another partner for the foss version of your OS. Software ethics, as well as the health and safety of my community are both very important to me and are both concerns that are aligned with your values.

Thank you for your time.


@celesteh, this is what I found on the /e/ website:

No idea why EN was enabled in the first place when you initially installed/bought /e/. Maybe it's because that FP3 release was configured differently than the FP2 one.

I agree that people will be kept away from using a COVID warning app if it doesn't work out of the box. I don't think that it's /e/'s _intention_ to inhibit warning apps, see "Stay healthy! Stay safe!!"

@Fairphone @FairphoneCommunity @e_mydata @gael

@astronav @Fairphone @FairphoneCommunity @e_mydata @gael

Actions speak louder than words. They created extra barriers. Their app store just silently allows users to install covid apps without bothering to alert users about required extras to run them.

Their blandishments are adding insult to literal injury.


@celesteh @astronav @Fairphone @fairphonecommunity @e_mydata @gael
Hm, lineage OS has also no support for microG as an app. It has to be installed with the OS (like GAPPS). (As far as I understood)

However, the @CCTG app works out of the box, if this helps.


Wrt @CCTG, the same holds for /e/: #CCTG works like a charm on /e/. However, that won't help you in countries with different warning infrastructure...

@celesteh @Fairphone @FairphoneCommunity @e_mydata @gael

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